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The State Russian Museum

ACT No 4193

Acceptance for temporary storage

Leningrad, 2 November 1978. We, the undersigned, Chief Curator of the State Russian Museum Polikarpova G.A., Head of Department of Accounting Salnikova I.I., junior researcher at the Department of Accounting Nemiro S.S., art restorers Guseva O.S., Usova T.Y., Minin A.V. and the custodian of the fund Antonova A.K. Basner E.V., for one part, and (museum, institution, person) representative of the Ministry of Culture of the People's Republic of Bulgaria Zaharieva Iskra Rosenova, for the other part, drew up this Act according to which the first part accepted and the second part deposited for temporary storage to the State Russian Museum for the display at the exhibition with due date 18.12.78.______________________________________________________________________
the specified below items: KP/BX-179207–179502____________________________________
296 (two hundred and ninety-six) works by N.K. Roerich (132) and S.N. Roerich (164) belonging to the latter, of which:

To be deposited by research assistant E.V. Basner
132 (one hundred and thirty-two) works by N.K. Roerich
listed in the annex I on page 5,
the description of the state of conservation is attached to the list on page 14

To be deposited by senior researcher A.K. Antonova
164 (one hundred and sixty-four) works by S.N. Roerich
listed in the annex II on page 7,
the description of the state of conservation is attached to the list
and additionally 55 frames were accepted.

________ 3462 (296)___________

Legal basis: USSR MC Order No 766 dated 13/10/78___________________________________

Accepted items are stored on a common basis and are given out to the owner, his legal heirs or a trusted person upon request.

The State Russian Museum is not responsible for loss or damage of the items accepted under this Act in the wake of a disaster.

This act was drawn up in 4 copies and given to the signatories.

Accepted by the Chief Curator of the SRM, the Custodian of the Fund, Research fellow

Accepted for materially-responsible storage


NOTE: the box inventory attached to the act – a list in English on ___pages contains a list of 300 (three hundred) artworks by both painters (132 – by N.K. Roerich, and 168 – by S.N. Roerich), of which: 102, 163, 167, 168 by S.N. Roerich have not been delivered to the USSR.

Of the remaining 296 (two hundred and ninety-six), fourteen artworks are to be returned to the NBR.

Of these fourteen artworks - by the list in English, 7 artworks by N.K. Roerich - # 37, 66, 67, 83, 104, 114.

- four (4) artworks by S.N. Roerich - # 24, 29, 41, 142.

Furthermore, the following works by N.K. Roerich are specified in the list in English instead of #1, 7, 8: totally three (3) artworks:

  1. Hill of Tara
  2. Oh, future!
  3. Seraphim

Chief curator SRM

Head of Accounting Department Salnikova I.I.

Custodian of the Fund Antonov A.K.

Basner E.V.

Research Assistant Nemiro S.S.

Artists restorers Guseva O.S.

Usov T.Y.

Minin A.V.

Delivered: Zaharieva I.R.