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BANGALORE – 560 062

26 April 1992

Dear Boris Nikolaevich!

Circumstances force me to appeal once again to you in the hope to meet, as always, your understanding. I became aware that the Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Council of Russia Sergei Alexandrovich Filatov and the Chairman of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Committee Fedor Dmitrievich Polenov had appealed to you to address a range of issues related to the activities of the International Centre of the Roerichs in Moscow created on my initiative and of which I am the Emeritus President now.

In these painful times for my Motherland, the Center encountered difficulties that hinder its wide cultural activities which it has been intensively carrying out for already two years using the heritage of my parents that I handed over to it in 1990. I’d like to request you, Boris Nikolaevich, to support the petition of Russian high officials and assist in handover of the building, assigned earlier for the Museum named by N.K. Roerich /Loupukhins’ Estate/, to my Centre as well as to provide it with premises for a temporary exhibition for the period of maintenance works in the Manor. Well realizing the difficult state of affairs in Russia, I, nevertheless, hope the Russian Government could provide the Center with some financial support.

Furthermore, I would like to draw your attention to one case. In 1990 I handed over to the Center, along with the rest of the heritage, a large exhibition of paintings by my father and my own paintings / 286 / which had long been under the USSR Ministry of Culture. Now this exhibition is being illegally retained by the Museum of Oriental Art. I humbly request you to facilitate its handover to the International Centre of the Roerichs.

In advance I am grateful to you for everything. I am confident the work of the Centre, one of the founders of the International Roerich Memorial Trust in India known to you, will serve for long for the benefit of Russian and Indian cultures.

Receive from my wife and me wishes of all the best to you and your family.

Dr. Svetoslav Roerich

To: His Excellency
Mr. Boris Yeltsin,
Russian President
The Kremlin, Moscow