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No 766

On arrangements for exhibiting
paintings by N.K. Roerich and S.N. Roerich
from India in Leningrad, Odessa, Lviv, Vilnius, Kiev
and Moscow

In accordance with the cultural relations plan of the USSR Ministry of Culture for 1978, in Leningrad (Russian State Museum), Odessa (Odessa Art Museum), Lviv (Lviv Art Gallery), Vilnius (State Art Museum of the Lithuanian SSR), Kiev (Kiev Museum of Russian Art), Moscow (Exhibit halls of the USSR Academy of Arts), the exhibition of works by Nicholas and Svetoslav Roerichs brought from India is to be held from the end of October of this year.

The duration of exhibition is three weeks in each museum.

1. To the Ministries of Culture of the RSFSR (Comrade Melentyev Y.S.), the Ukrainian SSR (Comrade Bezkhlubenko S.D.), the Lithuanian SSR (Comrade Belinis J.L.) to instruct the abovementioned museums:

- to timely prepare the exhibition halls for holding the exhibition;

- to take all necessary measures to ensure full safety of the exhibits during the mounting, holding and dismantling of the exhibition;

- to issue invitation tickets and posters for the exhibition opening;

- to provide for the exhibition advertising through media, radio, television, etc.;

- to implement a proper handover of the exhibits among the museums in the aforementioned sequence, taking into account the need for museum personnel to escort the cargo.

2. To the Ministry of Culture of the Ukrainian SSR to instruct the Kiev Museum of Russian Art to send the exhibits to Moscow to the USSR Academy of Arts on the completion of exhibition.

3. To the USSR Academy of Arts (c. Tomsky N.V.):

- to timely prepare the exhibition hall for the reception of the exhibition;

- to receive on the act the exhibits from the Kiev Museum of Russian Art;

- to take all necessary steps to ensure full safety of exhibits during the mounting, holding and dismantling of the exhibition;

- to arrange the exposition and its advertising through media, radio, television

4. To the E. V. Vuchetich All-Union Art Production Association (c. Kosarev V.D.) to ensure the USSR Aeroflot agreement on the charter flights Varna-Leningrad (by 15 October of this year) and Moscow-Delhi (on the termination of the exhibition in the USSR)

5. To the Office of External Relations (C. Kusin Y.A.) to provide for:

- addressing all issues related to the timely preparation of exhibits to be sent to the Soviet Union with the Bulgarian side;

- addressing of the Indian side all issues related to the organization of the exhibition in the USSR;

- the program of stay in the USSR for persons accompanying the exhibition;

- outreach activities related to the opening of the exhibition in all cities mentioned above;

6. To include the costs of organizing exhibition in Moscow, Leningrad, traveling of accompanying persons, exhibition transportation on routes Varna-Leningrad, Leningrad-Odessa and Moscow-Delhi into allocations for foreign exhibition activities.

The costs of organizing exhibitions in Odessa, Lviv, Vilnius, Kiev are borne under the agreement by the museums of the cities mentioned above.

The costs of transporting exhibits on the route Odessa-Lviv-Vilnius-Kiev-Moscow are borne under the arrangement by the Museum-consignor.

7. To task the Office of Fine Arts and Monument Rreservation (Comrade Haltrurin A.G.) and the Office of External Relations (C. Kusina Y.A.) with overseeing the implementation of this Order.

Deputy Minister V.I. Popov