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The exhibition “The Roerich Pact. The History and Modernity” in Legislative Assembly of the City of Buenos Aires, Argentina

On May 6, 2013 the International Centre of the Roerichs, argentinian non-governmental organization “Mil Milenios de Paz” and National Senate of Argentina organized a press-conference dedicated to the beginning of the exhibition program in Buenos Aires. The exhibition “The Roerich Pact. The History and Modernity” is organized in Latin America on the eve of the 80th anniversary of the Roerich Pact signing which will be celebrated in 2015. After the press-conference the exhibition was opened in the Hall of Provinces of the National Senate of Argentina where the exhibition was held for the period of May 6-14.

The Foundation for Peace, Ecology and Art assisted in organization of the exhibition Gala-opening. High officials and guests of honor from Argentina and Russia, diplomats, representatives of NGOs from Argentina, Brazil, Chili and Uruguay, and professors and students of different educational institutions of Buenos Aires took part in the function.

The exhibition opening in the Legislative Assembly of the City of Buenos Aires
May 14, 2013

On May 14th the exhibition “The Roerich Pact. The History and Modernity” was moved to the historical building of the Legislative Assembly of the City of Buenos Aires, one of the most beautiful and elegant architectural monuments in Latin America.

May 14, 2013 saw the Gala-opening of the exhibition in the Hall of Honor of the Legislative Assembly. Representatives of the Legislative Assembly of the city, diplomats, journalists, students of the Froebl school participated in the event. They were given the opportunity to make acquaintance with the Roerich Pact history. This international treaty, signed in 1935, was laid as a basis for the international humanitarian law in the field of cultural heritage preservation. It was also said that on November 28, 2012 the law 26.819 about annual celebration of the International Day of Peace on September 21 was adopted by the government of Argentina. This day the Banner of Peace will be raised over all governmental and non-governmental institutions of culture.

Ms Ines Palomeke, President of “Mil Milenios de Paz” organization noted that Peace is not only the absence of war or armed conflicts. This notion includes the ideas of unity in diversity and respect for different confessions.


Mr Victor Koronelly, Ambassador of Russia in Argentina, and Mr Enrique Mariscal, outstanding philosopher, professor, and psychologist, addressed the participants with their greeting speeches.

After that Ms Palomeke asked the young people in the Hall what the word “peace” meant for them. All of them pointed out their hearts. One girl explained that she understood peace as her mother's embrace. The girl's friend said that she associated peace with spiritual music.

The ceremony was finished with the performance of popular singer Odino Face who sang the song “Voice of Peace”.

Participants of the event were delivered with collection of modern poetry “Constellations of the World”. At the exhibition they could see reproductions of such paintings by N. Roerich as “St. Sergius of Radonrzh”, “Chintamani”, “Eternal Mother”, central part of triptych “Joan of Arc” and others.

The exposition includes paintings, reproductions, unique photos and documents dedicated to the history of realization of the initiative of Nicholas Roerich, the great Russian humanist, archeologist, artist, researcher, writer, thinker, public figure, founder of the Banner of Peace and inspirer of the international treaty for protection of world culture.