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On April 18 the Museum by name of Nicholas Roerich took part in the International campaign — the International Day of Protection of Monuments. This day the Museum halls welcomed a lot of visitors. The Museum workers arranged nine excursions dedicated to the restoration of the historical architectural monument — the Lopuchins' Estate, as well as to the creative work of the Roerich family.

This celebration of museums has been hold in the world since 1982 after the Assembly of the International Council for the Protection of Monuments and Historical Sites associated with UNESCO took a decision to approve the annual celebration of this Event.

Each year the Event is dedicated to a certain topic. But each country has the opportunity to choose its own slogan. This year the International Day of Protection of Monuments was held in Russia under the motto «Let us Preserve our Historical Motherland».

Экскурсию ведет главный архитектор Международного Центра Рерихов Ирина Красавцева-Байда

Twenty years ago the unique architectural monument — the Lopuchins' Estate — lay in ruins. But after the Russian government decided to allot the building to the Public Roerich Centre-Museum, the Estate was revived.

In 1993 the full-scale scientific restoration of the Estate began. Mrs Irina Krasavtseva-Bayda, chief architect of the International Centre of the Roerichs, told visitors of the details and stages of the restoration project.

Films dedicated to the Roerich family were shown in the Svetoslav Roerich Hall.

In the evening visitors were invited to the concert of the Gnesin State Musical School pianists and the Shostakovich Musical School saxophonists.

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