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Since April 28, 2017, the Non-Governmental Museum Named after Nicholas Roerich went defunct with the illegal seizure of its building and territory.

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The Spiritual Teacher Day in the International Centre of the Roerichs

March 24 is the Spiritual Teacher Day which is traditionally celebrated in the International Centre of the Roerichs. On this day the in 1920 Helena Roerich made the first record of the Living Ethics — a new philosophical teaching. She had been working on the Teaching during her entire life in cooperation with her Spiritual Teachers whom they call in India Mahatmas — the Great Souls.

Academician Lyudmila V. Shaposhnikova, honored Art worker of Russia

Academician Lyudmila V. Shaposhnikova, honored Art worker of Russia, congratulated friends and guests of the Museum in her greeting speech and noted that the idea of Spiritual Preceptorship plays a very important role in the history of humanity. She emphasized that our main task nowadays is to prevent diminishing of Spiritual Teachers role as well as distortion of the Living Ethics — the Philosophy of Cosmic Reality which is the basis for the mankind evolutionary development.

Presentation of the book «The Earthly Oeuvre of Cosmic Evolution» by L.V. Shaposhnikova was timed to the Spiritual Teacher Day celebration.

Presenting the book by L.V. Shaposhnikova Ms T.O. Knizhnik, the Chief Editor of the ICR Publishing Department, emphasized the role of Knowledge as the driving force and the source for humans ascent along the Evolutionary Path.

Dr V.V. Frolov, Deputy Director General of the Museum named after Nicholas Roerich, Head of the United Scientific Centre for Cosmic Thinking Problems, noted the scientific value of the book: «Ms L. Shaposhnikova gives us the idea of the philosophy of meta history that helps us to understand the relationship between the meta history and the earthly history. Without such a philosophical basis it will be hardly possible to comprehend the role of meta history in the evolutionary development of the mankind».

Dr A.V. Fedotov, Director of the Center for Eastern Languages and Cultures at the Sofia University, said that the book by L.V. Shaposhnikova is comprehensive and analytic. As for a specialist in the field of oriental studies it was especially interesting for him to read the chapter dedicated to the Great Indian Way, in which L. Shaposhnikova described the Indian civilization phenomenon based on the «guruparampara» — spiritual teachers succession.

Dr O.A. Lavrenova, executive secretary of the «Culture and Time» editorial board, presented the book in the context of the modern historical science.

Ms Marga Koutsarova, Head of the ICR branch in Bulgaria, noted that the book «The Earthly Oeuvre of Cosmic Evolution» is a striking example of synthesis of Science and Art.

Mr P.M. Zhuravikhin noted the timeliness of the book as well as its scientific depth, extensive coverage of issues, and exciting style of presentation.

The evening was ended with the performance by Mr Luka Okroscvaridze, Fellow of the Charitable Foundation by name of Helena Roerich, winner of Russian and international music competitions.

The performance by Mr Luka Okroscvaridze, Fellow of the Charitable Foundation by name of Helena Roerich

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