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Since April 28, 2017, the Non-Governmental Museum Named after Nicholas Roerich went defunct with the illegal seizure of its building and territory.

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The International Centre of the Roerichs statement concerning the preservation of the Tataguni Estate, Bangalore, India

On 22 November, the “Times of India” reported, that the proposal was introduced into the Legislative Assembly of the Indian state Karnataka to turn the part of the Tataguni Estate which belonged to Svetoslav Roerich into the dump garbage. This proposal was introduced by Mr M. Srinivas former Parliament Member, and presently member of the Karnataka Legislative Assembly.

The International Centre of the Roerichs founded by Svetoslav N. Roerich is certain in necessity to express its extreme concerns on this issue.

Dr. Svetoslav Roerich, an outstanding artist and public figure who deeply understood the cultural traditions of Indian people, was the citizen of India and had done much to preserve and popularize the cultural and historical heritage of this country. Masterpieces by Svetoslav Roerich which are praising India have become very popular all around the world. In the Parliament of India one can see portraits of such outstanding representatives of India as J. Nehru and I. Gandhi drawn by Svetoslav Roerich. In 1948 due to S. Roerich's efforts India signed the Roerich Pact - the first International Treaty on protection of cultural properties. Chitrakala Parishath Art-gallery and College of Fine Arts were founded by S. Roerich in Bangalore.

Svetoslav Roerich made an outstanding contribution to promote Russian-Indian relations. His efforts in this field were highly appreciated and rewarded by state awards of Russia and India. Among them are the Order “Padma Bhushan” (Order of Lotus) – the highest civil award of India, the International premium by name of Jawaharlal Nehru, and the Russian Order of Friendship of Peoples.

Even during the life time of S. Roerich the Tataguni Estate which is situated not far from Bangalore turned into an honorable place whereto people from all over the world were coming to pay their respects to the outstanding Russian artist.

According to Mr. R. Ashok, Deputy Chief Minister of Karnataka “S. Roerich made Bangalore famous with his art”.

Taking into consideration the above-mentioned information the proposal of Mr M. Srinivas about setting up a dump garbage in Tataguni Estate sounds very blasphemous. One may only regret that such proposal introduced by the representative of the Indian People's Party (BJP) could only discredit one of its respected founders – Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee. During his service as the Indian Prime Minister Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee made a big contribution to develop the International Roerichs Memorial Trust in Naggar, founded by Svetoslav Roerich, and gave his consent to be its Patron.

The International Center of the Roerichs is extremely concerned about the future of the Roerichs Estate in Tataguni, which is threatened to be turned into dump despite the fact that the authorities of Karnataka have undertaken a commitment to create an International Complex for preservation and popularization of the Roerichs creative heritage. Even the idea to set up a garbage segregation place or dumps in the territory of Tataguni is absurdity.

The ICR can not stay indifferent to such intentions and addresses to the friendly public organizations in Karnataka with request to make all possible efforts for protection of the Roerichs Estate in Tataguni.

Svetoslav Roerich and his spouse Devika Rani-Roerich wished to turn the Tataguni Estate into an International Scientific and Cultural Center.

In former times Shri D. Devaraja Ursa, Chief Minister of Karnataka, defined the significance of S. Roerich's personality in following words: “He was brought from Russia as a gift to India”.

The ICR believes and hopes that common sense will eventually triumph and Indian authorities will find opportunity to defend the Tataguni Estate which was left by Svetoslav Roerich for the Indian people.

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