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Since April 28, 2017, the Non-Governmental Museum Named after Nicholas Roerich went defunct with the illegal seizure of its building and territory.

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The exhibition project “The Roerich Pact. History and Modernity” in Khanty-Mansiysk

The International Centre of the Roerichs (ICR) and International Roerichs' Heritage Preservation Committee started a new phase of the exhibition project “The Roerich Pact. History and Modernity”. The traveling exhibition opened on February, 7 in Khanty-Mansiysk, Khanty-Mansiysky Autonomous District - Yugra under the auspices of Natalia V. Komarova.

The exhibition is dedicated to the Year of Russian Culture and 140th anniversary celebration of the birth of Nicholas Roerich, author and initiator of the Roerich Pact, first International Treaty on the Protection of Artistic and Scientific Institutions and Historic Monuments.

The ICR representatives spoke to the audience about Nicholas K. Roerich, the great Russian painter, thinker, public figure who defended cultural treasures of the whole mankind. There was also screened a film about the formation and work of the International Centre of the Roerichs, scientific, creative, publishing and exhibition activity of the Museum named after Nicholas Roerich and significance of the Banner of Peace.

Victor V. Frolov, Deputy Director General of the Museum named after Nicholas Roerich on the scientific work, Doctor of Philosophy, Professor donated the Banner of Peace to Ms. Svetlana V. Lazareva, the Director of Museum Nature and Man, the Honored Cultural Worker of KhMAD- Yugra.

The exhibition presents the archival photos showing the origin of the Pact, international conferences devoted to the Roerich Pact, along with the photos of historical monuments, destructed in the time of armed conflicts. The exposition contains reproductions of paintings by Nicholas Roerich: Sergius of Radonezh, Sergius the Builder, The Heavenly Forces are now Invisibly Serving with us (Easter Night), Pilgrim of the Radiant City and others describing the spiritual route and great allegiance to the people.

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