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Since April 28, 2017, the Non-Governmental Museum Named after Nicholas Roerich went defunct with the illegal seizure of its building and territory.

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Woman's Day in the International Roerich Memorial Trust

Nowadays almost the whole planet celebrates 8 March as a Day of Worship to Woman. Woman's beauty, her love and wisdom at all times inspire and save the world.

In the International Roerich Memorial Trust celebration of the Women's Day started with the opening exhibition - "Aesthetics of Green" by a famous Indian journalist, artist and photographer, Asha Arpit. As if a colorful spring with its green, its flower fragrance filled an Exhibition Hall in IRMT and lit it with light and warmth. Photos of Nature at the exhibition appeal to a Man: feel the beauty, be aware of it, and realize that the world lives because of beauty! Preserve the Beauty and bring it into life and the life will become better, cleaner and kinder. "Awareness of Beauty will save the world" - said a great Russian artist Nicholas Roerich. Feeling of beauty and a wish to get out a message of its great creative power to every person inspire Asha Arpit. It is remarkable that today's woman's exhibition opens a new exhibition season in the International Roerich Memorial Trust.

The festive program continued at the Conference Hall where all guests and IRMT employees were assembled. An Indian Curator, Mr. Ramesh Chander, paid his homage and appreciation to ladies. He noted that in India since ancient times especially revered mother-goddess, woman and mother. A woman is supposed to bring beauty into the life, she is courageous and resolute, able to carry out any task.

A Russian Curator, Mrs. Larisa Surgina, an officer of International Center of the Roerichs (Moscow), said the custom of celebrating International Women's Day dates back to the traditions of ancient Rome I century BC, to worshiping of goddess Juno. Later on, in XIX century, Women's Day coincided with a day of struggle for women's rights. In 1911 people began to celebrate 8 March in many countries as the World Women's Day. It was a kind of appeal for women all over the world to join the struggle for independence and equality, respect of their dignity, for peace in the world.

Women's Day has a planetary importance. Nicholas Roerich wrote about coming era of Mother of the World, era of women. Woman will bring love and wisdom of her heart to this world. She will tell the children the first word on Beauty and Knowledge. She will insert in children the concept of heroism and achievement. She will tell about the benefits of spiritual values. And then wars and fear disappear from our life.

There were a lot of ladies from Naggar and surrounding villages in the Hall. They cordially took the invitation to participate in the celebration. They told about women's problems, about the relationships between a mother and a daughter, a mother-in-law and a daughter-in-law, about difficulties of a woman's life. In different corners of the planet women have similar problems. Then they sang about love, happiness, a family life; they also sang about a great Indian woman Smt. Indira Gandhi, a daughter of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, she glorified her parent's name in every field of her activity.

At the end of the celebration there was a traditional "Nati" - a festive dance of the Kullu valley. Indian and Russian employees and guests of IRMT took part in the dancing. And for a long time afterwards the echo of this celebration sounded in a real estate of a Russian family of the Roerichs.

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