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Since April 28, 2017, the Non-Governmental Museum Named after Nicholas Roerich went defunct with the illegal seizure of its building and territory.

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Celebrations dedicated to Nicholas Roerich’s anniversary are ongoing at the IRMT

On Saturday 4 October, the IRMT welcomed its honored guests – His Excellency RF Ambassador in India and a lifetime IRMT trustee Mr. Alexander Kadakin, DC Kullu-cum-Director IRMT Mr. Rakesh Kanwar, Executive Secretary of the International Centre of the Roerichs (Moscow) Mr. Pavel Zhuravikhin.

After having a traditional puja in front of the Guga Chauhan Temple nearby the Roerich House, a solemn ceremony of Indian and Russian flags hoisting and raising of the Banner of Peace was hold. The cloths came unfolded freely in the wind symbolizing the union of the two great nations of India and Russia and calling for peace and unity under the Banner of Peace, Banner of Culture, raised above the planet by Nicholas Roerich.

Upon the inauguration of the renewed display at the repaired garage which keeps the memorial automobile “Dodge” once belonged to the Roerichs, the guests went to the Nicholas and Svetoslav Roerich Art Gallery recently opened after the renovation. The paintings hanging in a new way and modern LED museum lamps helped to create a very special atmosphere of beauty and harmony in the Gallery. The landscapes and portraits by Svetoslav Roerich became even more luminous; the sacred Himalayas on Nicholas Roerich’s painting started glowing with new paints.

The exalted title of Maharishi – a great Sage, a great Saint – was given by India to Nicholas Roerich. Like all great Rishis, he brought to people Knowledge – in his scientific and literary works, in his paintings, in his activities. This Knowledge based on the ancient wisdom of the Past will help the humankind to comprehend the ways of further development, meet present time challenges and reach a new level of peaceful, enlightened and creative life. Peace through culture – this is the only possible way into the future pointed by Nicholas Roerich.

The thought about the continued importance of Roerich’s creativeness cut across all the addresses delivered on that day from the open theatre stage of the IRMT. Peace through culture: for only Culture can change man’s consciousness and inspire his creativity. That’s why our primary and essential task is preserving the Roerichs’ heritage and propagating the Teaching and ideas contained in their creative legacy.

In his remarks Mr. Alexander Kadakin, the RF Ambassador in India, noted that the IRMT celebrates the 140th Birth Anniversary of Nicholas Roerich with the considerable achievements. By joint efforts of the Himachal Pradesh Government and personally Mr. Rakesh Kanwar, the IRMT team and experts from the International Centre of the Roerichs (Moscow), a great work has been done on developing the IRMT Museum Complex.

Over last two years the Roerich House facades, the Art Gallery and the Urusvati Institute halls were renovated. The display of Svetoslav Roerich’s Summer Studio was renewed and the memorial display of the Roerichs’ Dining Room was opened. The exhibition dedicated to the history and relevance of the Roerich Pact was opened as well. The Ozborn building was repaired and opened for classes of Helena Roerich Academy of Arts for children. Much work on providing informational materials for the displays as well as on recording and preserving the Roerichs’ heritage is under way now. The modern museum lighting and facilities for chemical restoration laboratory have been acquired.

Mr. Alexander Kadakin, the RF Ambassador in IndiaDC Kullu-cum-Director IRMT Mr. Rakesh KanwarMadam Larisa Surgina, the ICR employee and the IRMT Russian Curator

Mr. Rakesh Kanwar noted that the Roerichs’ heritage goes beyond governments, nations, races or religions – it belongs to the whole world. He extended his gratitude to the RF Ambassador in India for honoring the Trust with his presence and expressed his hope for further cooperation and support from the Russian Embassy in India in all future projects that the IRMT would implement in close cooperation with the ICR and with the assistance of the Himachal Pradesh Government. Mr. Rakesh Kanwar conveyed heartfelt greetings on behalf of Shri Virbhadra Singh, the Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister, and announced the provision by the State Government of a grant for the Trust development.

The International Roerich Memorial Trust in India as well as the International Centre of the Roerichs in Russia have to become the Centre of propagating the Cosmic Philosophy brought forth by the Roerichs, as Madam Larisa Surgina, the ICR employee and the IRMT Russian Curator, emphasized in her speach. Reviving the Urusvati Institute activities, holding scientific readings and conferences, creative workshops, promoting wide publishing activity, international exhibitions and international cooperation are those milestones that should be reached by the 150th Birth Anniversary of Nicholas Roerich. Addressing these daunting targets is possible only through close cooperation, close Indo-Russian work.

The celebration program continued with the performance of the Indian children – students of the Helena Roerich Academy of Arts and the Russian Youth Esemble “Iskorki” from Samara organized by the ‘Dostoyanie’ Fund. The Indian children sang the song “Katiusha” in a particularly heartfelt manner. The famous Russian folk dance “Barynya,” lyrical compositions “Gzhel” and “Travushka,” merry Cossak Perales were wholeheartedly applauded by the audience.

The whole festive day was an embodiment of the idea of the deep ties between the two great peoples of Russia and India.

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