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Since April 28, 2017, the Non-Governmental Museum Named after Nicholas Roerich went defunct with the illegal seizure of its building and territory.

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Helena Roerich Memory Day (October 5) Marked in the International Roerich Memorial Trust

The memory day of Helena Roerich – the outstanding philosopher of the 20th century, thinker, scholar, author and explorer – opened in the Himalayan Roerich Estate in Naggar with planting of flowers. The volunteers from the International Centre of the Roerichs, Moscow coming from different cities of Russia along with Indian staff of the International Roerich Memorial Trust prepared the flowerbeds around the memorial Roerich House, at the Samadhi of Nicholas Roerich, and also below the magnolia planted long ago nearby the Roerich House by Helena Roerich herself.

After this joint effort the Russian guests of the IRMT (on that day, the unexpectedly high number of tourists from different regions of Russia and Kazakhstan visited the Roerich Estate) assembled in the Conference Hall. The Indian Curator of the IRMT Ramesh Chander and the Russian Curator (on deputation from ICR) Larisa Surgina told the gathering about Helena Roerich, her heroic life and selfless work, and her cooperation with the Master which resulted in the development of the philosophical system of the Living Ethics talking about the Universe and the cosmic evolution of mankind. That was followed by poetry reading by the Russian poetess Olga Slepova from Zarechny (Russia). She recited the poems inspired by the canvases of Nicholas and Svetoslav Roerich hanging in the halls of the Non-Governmental Museum Named after Nicholas Roerich, Moscow. She recited the verses from her poetry collection Sources of Inspiration dedicated to Nicholas Roerich, Helena Roerich, Svetoslav Roerich, the Non-Governmental Museum Named after Nicholas Roerich, Moscow, and its director Lyudmila Shaposhnikova.

The programme closed with the screening of the documentary The Call of Cosmic Evolution (directed by Lyudmila Shaposhnikova) on the heroic life and spiritual journey of the Roerichs.

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