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Since April 28, 2017, the Non-Governmental Museum Named after Nicholas Roerich went defunct with the illegal seizure of its building and territory.

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“A bird of humanity can’t fly on only one wing”


International Women’s Day was solemnly celebrated in the Roerich Estate on a spring Sunday a day before the 8th of March. Due to a good tradition on this day The Roerich Trust welcomes women–creators – artists, sculptors, photographers, the ones who make art and culture a part of their lives. So this year the major celebration event was an inauguration of Buddhist Thangka Paintings exhibition “Rima Rimowa” by Indian artist Krishna Tashi Palmo.

Ramesh Chandra, Indian Curator, IRMT welcomed the participants and guests with a speech. He said that on this high day he wanted to express respect to women all over the world, talk about equal rights for women at home and in society and to encourage women for art and creativity. The role of an artist woman in culture is the most relevant issue of our times. A woman is, in the past and present and well into the future, not only an inspiratory but the most talented creator of beautiful pieces of work.

Mr. Chandra highly appreciated the exhibition in the Exhibition Hall IRMT and explained that thangka art is not mainly decorating or drawings in traditional sense but images of Buddha and Buddhism deities for blessing, special rituals, for meditating.

The principal participant of the Day, artist Krishna Tashi Palmo was born in Lahul (Himachal Pradesh). She studied Buddhism thangka art in TCV Art School in Patlikuhl in 2006–2011. Her art works have been shown at national and international exhibitions. Nowadays Krishna with her husband live in Katrain, not far from Naggar. Krishna is not only thangka master, she also paints portraits, creates contemporary art pictures and writes poems.

“I believe in positive energies and that everything happens for the reason behind,” the artist said. In her speech she said to the guests that her husband had a beautiful dream that morning. He saw a Hindu Goddess, the Mother. As Krishna’s husband is a Buddhist and doesn’t know well Hindu religion, she explained that he might see Goddess Durga in his dream. “The Mother appeared in the body, she was visible beautiful lady in the dream,” Krishna talked. “And she said one thing: there are no religions, no differences. The only thing is truthfulness. My husband was very happy in the morning, he said he understood there is no Hindu or Buddhism, only the base is truthfulness. And it was a very positive sign for us to come in the Roerichs Estate and this is blessing that everything is truthfulness.”

The Chief Guest Dr. Rita Singh, Executive Member, Himachal Pradesh Art Culture Language Academy, President of Akhil Bhartiya Sahitya Parishad, Founder-President of Mahila Sahityakar Sanstha started her speech with mantra recitation of Goddess Durga and importance of Women’s Day celebration in India and whole world and thanked management of IRMT – Russian and Indian Curators for great organizing of the celebration and excellent arrangement and care of art and culture in the Roerich Art Gallery.

Dr. Rita Singh noted that the very beginning was made for the pivotal role of women being performed in the human societies since the start of civilization. Since Vedic period the women were given very honorable treatment and respect for the very outstanding feat performed in various era in various countries. Everybody can evaluate the work done by them in form of Mother, Sister, Wife and Friend. Since the ages the “Each for Equal” slogan emphasized the demand of justice at work places or society or at home and equal parity be given to women keeping in view the substantial visible contribution.

Dr. Singh highlighted that the leadership shown by women in all circumstances and in all walks of life is praiseworthy and exemplary. It is notable that the theme of International Women’s Day 2021 has been coined in view of leadership role of women in whole world post COVID-19 scenario when the economy has been shattered due to lockdown. By nature women have always been found with more courage and patience in adverse circumstances and during COVID pandemic women all over the world have played a very positive role in saving the lives of millions being nursing mothers, sisters and wives.

Rita Singh conveyed gratitude to respected Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi in his salutation statement for all women coronavirus warriors in India and abroad. She also mentioned exemplary work done by respected CM Himachal Sh. Jai Ram Thakur in the field of welfare of women in Himachal Pradesh. Finalizing her speech Rita Singh conveyed her gratitude to IRMT for organizing such functions to take a pledge for the welfare of women and their right for creativity.

Larisa Surgina, Russian Curator IRMT, working in the Roerich Trust on the direction from International Centre of the Roerichs, Moscow reminded the guests about two remarkable women of the Roerich’s family – Helena Roerich and Devika Rani.

Helena Roerich, the wife of Nicholas Roerich, well-educated woman of her time, a philosopher, thinker, writer devoted many letters and works to a woman importance in our world. She wrote: “The approaching great epoch is closely connected with the ascendancy of woman. As in the best days of humanity, the future epoch will again offer woman her rightful place alongside her eternal fellow traveler and co-worker, man. You must remember that the grandeur of the Cosmos is built by the dual Origin. Is it possible, therefore, to belittle one Element of It?

All the present and coming miseries and the cosmic cataclysms to a great degree result from the subjugation and abasement of woman. The dreadful decline of morality, the diseases and degenerations of some nations are also the results of the slavish dependence of woman.”

Helena Roerich remembered the words of Vivekananda, an Indian philosopher: “A bird of humanity can’t fly on only one wing.” She insisted that “…in the hands of woman lies the salvation of humanity and of our planet. Woman must realize her significance, the great mission of the Mother of the World; she should be prepared to take responsibility for the destiny of humanity.»

Devika Rani, Helena Roerich’s daughter-in-law, her younger son Svetoslav’s wife and the first lady of Indian cinema not only followed and supported the ideas of Helena Roerich but was a personation of the best woman qualities herself. Devika came from the upper class, but K.A.Molchanova, a close friend of Svetoslav Roerich and Devika Rani, remembered that she didn’t have any cast prejudices or arrogance to any person. Becoming an actress in her youth Devika Rani consciously affronted her cast. It was her civic act in the name of arousing spirit of any Indian woman.

Devika’s inner high culture and intelligence influenced on everybody who knew her or saw in the movies. Having married Svetoslav Roerich she became not only his wife and a muse but an utterly-devoted friend and assistant. And their alliance became a picture of friendship between Russia and India.

The teachers of Helena Roerich Academy of Arts for Children of the International Roerich Memorial Trust presented a nice performance led by Anshul Kumar, a music teacher and the IRMT employer.

Traditionally the colorful cultural program started with the melodious prayer hailing Goddess Saraswati – the Mother of music, dance and knowledge. Along with teachers a North Indian dance style – thumri was performed by a dance teacher Mrs. Mamta Thakur accompanied by Anoop Kumar playing the tabla, Indian rhythmic instrument. Songs medley based on Indian modern music was led by Ms. Pushpa Devi with group of the teachers. Mr. Dimitry Surgin, an assistant of Russian Curator joined the teachers to an ovations of the guests. The Indian-Russian team sang a famous folk song “Chambe jana zaroor.”

The final modern dance of contemporary composer A.R.Rehman was dedicated to the Mother. The Women’s Day festive program in the Roerichs Estate finished with that symbolic note.

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