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Since April 28, 2017, the Non-Governmental Museum Named after Nicholas Roerich went defunct with the illegal seizure of its building and territory.

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III International Scientific Readings, dedicated to Lyudmila Shaposhnikova. On the 95th Anniversary of Lyudmila Shaposhnikova's Birth. Information Letter

The Organizer of the Conference:

The International Center of the Roerichs


Russian Academy of Natural Sciences;
Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University;
“Russian Cosmism” Special Interest Group of the Russian Philosophical Society;
Soviet Peace Foundation;
International Roerichs’ Heritage Preservation Committee;
International Council of the Roerich Organizations by name of S.N. Roerich;
Charitable Foundation named after Helena Roerich

On July 26, 2021, the III International Scientific Readings dedicated to academician L.V. Shaposhnikova (1926–2015), the founder of the non-governmental Nicholas Roerich Museum (Moscow), its permanent Director-General and executor of the will of Svetoslav Roerich take place.

The theme of the III-rd Readings is “Scientific heritage of L.V. Shaposhnikova. The Origins and Prospects of Russian Cosmism”.

L.V. Shaposhnikova is an outstanding scientist and public figure of our time, who devoted more than half of her creative life to study artistic and philosophical heritage of the Roerichs family, as well as the heritage of Russian cosmism.

Russian cosmism is a unique phenomenon of national and world culture. It is based on cosmic thinking and cosmic worldview, with modern scientific thinking in its best cognitive discoveries and findings to be the part of it. Representing man and space as an integrated interactive system, cosmism contributes to the convergence of various fields of knowledge, reveals its high moral, ethical and aesthetic potential.

Thanks to the numerous works of L.V. Shaposhnikova, in which the features of philosophy of history, philosophy of art and philosophy of culture are revealed, one can talk about the importance of a new research methodology and a new system of reality cognition. This is closely related to the philosophical system of Living Ethics, or the philosophy of cosmic reality, with the help of which L.V. Shaposhnikova not only revealed, but also expanded the understanding of the main principles of Russian cosmism and demonstrated their evolutionary value.

Scientific heritage of L.V. Shaposhnikova, continuing the best traditions of Russian cosmism, gives a brilliant example to apply new research approaches to understand the phenomenon of human creativity, to search for the ways of moral development inextricably linked to the laws of the Universe.

New approaches and research methods of L.V. Shaposhnikova as well as their relevance for the development of scientific knowledge are proposed to be discussed at the Readings.

The Readings invite the scientists from Russia and abroad, employees of museums, archives, libraries, public figures to participate in it.

Additional information about the Readings will be posted on the website of the International Center of the Roerichs

The deadline for abstracts submitting is no later than June 15th , 2021.

The invitations to the participants will be sent no later than June 30th , 2021.

The volume of abstracts is 1,5–2 pages, size 14, line spacing – 1.5 lines.

The Organizing Committee will include the reports into the Readings program based on the abstracts review results.

The time limit for the statements at the Readings is up to 15 minutes.

The organizing committee reserves the right to reject the applications that do not meet the established requirements, as well as those received after the deadline.

Please send abstracts to the email address of the secretary of the Organizing Committee, Samoilova Nadezhda Aleksandrovna , tel. for references 8-916-155-93-95.

Organizing committee of the Readings

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