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Since April 28, 2017, the Non-Governmental Museum Named after Nicholas Roerich went defunct with the illegal seizure of its building and territory.

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“Beyond Self.” Inauguration of the painting exhibition by Indian women artists of Art Group “WE” at the Birth Anniversary of Nicholas Roerich


Inauguration of the painting exhibition “Beyond Self” by artists Sadhna Sangar, Richa Bharti Sharma and Simrit Luthra from Chandigarh (Himachal Pradesh) became a bright event of 147th Birth Anniversary of Nicholas Roerich celebration.

All artists are members of Women Art Group “WE” that provides women a possibility to fulfill their creative potential: to build up works of art, make craft and be free in their wish to create art. The group gives talented women a platform for self-realization and carries spirit of social entrepreneurship through art and women's empowerment.

The artists of the Group have taken part in celebrations and festivals of International Roerich Memorial Trust many times. They exhibit their paintings and organize art camps in the Roerich Estate.

Professor Sadhna Sangar, The Founder and President of “WE”, a Group of contemporary women artists is very keen on visiting Himalaya. Exactly mountains with their changing colors and shapes are currently main objects of her creativity. She thinks that nature gives us important lessons. We should be strong as rocks and our thoughts should be as high as tops of the mountains. We also can learn from the sky. The sky is huge and wonderful so there are no limits of our ideas. Our thoughts and ideas are literally endless therefore Sadhna Sangar uses various colors and tones painting mountains and the sky. She uses image of the ocean to demonstrate depth of a woman personality. The ocean is very peaceful. Every woman, according to Sadhna’s idea, should be strong as a rock and deep and peaceful as the ocean. Those personal qualities natural to the artist herself appear in her paintings introduced at the exhibition.

The exhibition is called “Beyond Self” not by coincidence. Sadhna Sangar is delighted with landscapes of Nicholas Roerich, his art of matching colors and tones of mountains at sunrise and sunset. Her feeling deals with confidence that Roerich created his paintings being in spiritual state, not physical. Explaining her thought she says that any true artist in creating process remains in high spiritual condition, in meditation of creativity.

Richa Bharti Sharma, a secretary of “WE” Group, has done post-graduation in Fine Arts (Drawing and Painting) and has PGD in Textile-Designing. “I like to utilize my time through creativity which gives me immense pleasure and inner satisfaction.” said Richa Bharti. “According to Great Dalai Lama happiness is not a first cause. It comes from one’s own actions.” Richa Bharti likes to communicate her emotions and thoughts in nature and human forms with colors, lines and textures. Her favorite themes are relationships of Women with nature, Women with society, pleasure of maternity. She likes drawing peacocks in her paintings because peacock is associated with Goddess Saraswati who represents patience, compassion and knowledge. She paints for the inner satisfaction and possibility to change subjects according to the circumstances. “Everyone should do creativity to avoid frustration and depression that will help to keep ourselves in cheerful mood.” – explains Richa Bharti.

Some paintings by the artist Simrit Luthra were also presented at the exhibition. Unfortunately she couldn’t come for the exhibition inauguration. For Simrit the whole vegetation is a huge source of energy. She finds beauty and exuberance in all types of flowers, leaves, plants and trees. And she loves painting them in different forms. Simrit Luthra has done he masters in literature and education. But her inclination towards art made her journey of life really vast and beautiful. The artist has displayed her works in various galleries throughout India since 2004. She has done 10 solo shows and more than 30 group shows. For the last few years she has exhibited her works almost every time in Naggar in her favorite Roerichs Estate with her fellow artists from “WE” Group.

Bright colorful interesting exhibition deeply impressed all participants of the Festival. Women creative power and deep perception of nature and beauty felt in the paintings won visitors’ hearts. It is worth remembering Nicholas Roerich’s words: “I strongly believe in women’s common sense, in women’s magnetism, in women’s heart and the ability to work selflessly. Let us not forget that the woman is commanded to save the world.”

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