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The “Insight Group” exhibition at the IRMT


The exhibition of Indian artists represented the Art Union “Insight Group” was opened in the Exhibition Hall of the International Roerich Memorial Trust from 14 to 18 of December 2021.

Indian and Russian Curators of the Roerich Trust along with the organizer of “Insight Group” solemnly opened the exhibition.

Paintings of 27 young Indian artists creating in different styles were introduced at the exhibition.

Sikander Jangra, an artist, the organizer and supporter of the Group got the visitors acquainted with the conception of the exhibition in the IRMT and talked about the painters and their creative works. The purpose of the exhibition opened in the IRMT is to show the various art forms to people with artists’ thoughts and spread the awareness, culture value of Indian art.

Art Union “Insight Group” gives a platform and support to young artists. Thanks to the possibility of participating in common projects the artists share their experience with each other, enrich themselves with new ideas and ways of their realization.

In the nearest future “Insight Group” plans to organize the exhibition on big scale all over the India where artists will do lots of art activities, workshops, live sketching, speeches on Indian art forms and its history.

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