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Spiritual Teacher’s Day in the Roerichs’ Estate


The festive day on March 24, 2022 in International Roerich Memorial Trust started with placing flower garlands on bronze busts of Nicholas and Helena Roerichs installed in front of their House. In this House a great Russian artist and his wife, an outstanding thinker, had lived for about twenty years, since the end of 1928 up to the beginning of 1948. This very House and the whole Estate had become the place of the active creative activities of the Roerichs family, the place of their heroic spiritual deeds. Here Helena Roerich had continued her titanic work on creating the philosophical teaching of the Living Ethics, or Agni-Yoga, which took place in the close cooperation with the Spiritual Teachers of India, Sages and Mahatmas, as the Great Teachers are called in the East.

Helena Roerich had started writing down the Teaching on the 24th of March, 1920, when the first encounter with her Spiritual Master happened in London. The Teacher’s words “My first message – into New Russia”, written down on this day, had became the beginning of the Living Ethics – series of books appealing to broaden people consciousness; books, containing the knowledge of the Universe, of the Cosmic laws and of the Cosmic evolution of the mankind. Since that time March 24 had been marked by the Roerichs’ followers as Spiritual Teacher’s Day.

On this day, by an tradition, the Russian-Indian team of the International Roerich Memorial Trust decorate the Roerichs’ estate with flowers. This year planting flowers started at Nicholas Roerich Samadhi and went on around the Roerichs’ House. Elegant primulas, verbenas, carnations, pansies started beaming with joyful colours, reminding us of spring, awakening, of eternal struggle and victory of Light over darkness.

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