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Children's Day at the Roerich International Memorial Trust

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On November 14, Bal Divas, or Children's Day, is celebrated annually in India. This holiday was established to honor the birthday of Jawaharlal Nehru, a prominent statesman and the first Prime Minister of independent India. Nehru always believed that the future of a nation lies in the impeccable care of children. His dream was to see children who had a sense of dignity, children who were confident in their abilities and possibilities.

This wonderful day at the Roerichs' memorial estate was marked by an exhibition of paintings by Samarthya Thakur, a student of the Helena Roerich Academy of Arts (IRMT) and a pupil of a school in Naggar. The exhibition opened on November 15. The BJP leader Mrs. Reshma Thakur, Mr. Anurag Prarthi and Mr. Narendra Sharma were the chief guests of the celebration.

The young artist is only 13 years old, but his teachers, Mrs. Sapna Thakur and Mr. Surender Shonda, note the boy's sincere interest in painting and considerable success. He is inspired by nature and the rich cultural traditions of the Kullu Valley. The family encourages and supports their son's natural inclinations in every way possible, and this gives him the opportunity to develop his talents.

The exhibition of Samarthya Thakur's work at the International Roerich Memorial Trust was a real gift for the budding artist. We heartily congratulate Samarthya Thakur and wish him and all the children of the Kullu Valley great opportunities and creative success!

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