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Since April 28, 2017, the Non-Governmental Museum Named after Nicholas Roerich went defunct with the illegal seizure of its building and territory.

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The March of the Peace and the 75 anniversary of the Roerich Pact in Spain

Owing to 75 Anniversary of the Roerich Pact, there has been celebrated in Madrid (Spain), from the 5th until April 14, a Photographic Exhibition that shows the history of the Roerich Pact and the Peace Banner. Also, there were 15 reproductions of the paintings by Nicholas Roerich, from the Museum Roerich of Spain.

The event has been presented in the capital of Spain by Leonardo O. Amaral and Petri M. Abad, the Directors of the Museum Roerich in Spain, President and Vice-president, respectively, of the Association ADA ROERICH. This event took place in the cultural center Nicholas Salmerуn from Madrid. The initiative owes to Mrs. Anita Carrillo and Mr. Denis, organizers of The March of the Peace, and Presidents of the International Movement for the Affirmation of the Universal Day of the Culture, from Moscow, and with the permission of the International Museum - Center of Roerichs from Moscow.

This March of the Peace takes as a target to support the affirmation and acceptance of April 15 as Universal Day of the Culture.

To present this exhibition, Leonardo O. Amaral inaugurated first the gallery with a poem dedicated to Roerichs, and then he gave a Conference in the principal lounge of the Center Salmerуn, with the title: "The March of the Peace. Life and Work of Nicholas K. Roerich”. In this conference, there was Mr. Valery Frolov, Deputy Director of the Center of International Cooperation in Science, Economics and Culture, Attached to the State Department of Russia (Russian Embassy in Madrid), in addition to a varied group of persons. The conference finished with the cultural video “Time to join stones”, realized by the International Center - Museum of Roerichs.

In the course of these days, we asked for volunteer signatures to declare on a global scale in the UNESCO the April 15 as Universal Day of the Culture and the Peace Banner.

To organize this event, the Russian Embassy in Madrid also has collaborated and, in particular, Mrs. Ilona Yavchunovskaya, 1st Secretary and Director of the Cultural and Scientific Russian Center (Embassy of the Russian Federation in Spain. Web page:, who helped in the management and achievement of this event. It’s necessary to emphasize that Mrs. Ilona gave Leonardo and Petri, on behalf of the Russian Embassy, a book about the life of St. Sergius of Radonez, in gratitude for announcing in Madrid the figure of the painter and Russian teacher Nicholas K. Roerich.

Also, it’s necessary to emphasize the valuable help of Mrs. Ann Taboada, Director of the Cultural Center Nicolбs Salmerуn, who made possible the materialization of this Exhibition and Conference in his Cultural Center.

The Nicholas Roerich Museum from Spain, which is placed in the mountains of the Basque Country (north of Spain), is grateful especially for his participation to Mr. David Martнnez, resident in Madrid, like collaborator of the Museum, for carrying out the whole management of the organization and the publicity in the mass media.

We emphasize that these Days constitute a historical fact for the city of Madrid, because it’s the first time an event in homage to the Roerich Pact and to the figure of Nicholas K. Roerich has celebrated in the capital of Spain. This event has supposed a big success and a big satisfaction for the Museum Roerich from Spain, which main work since the year 1997 is to announce to the public the work of Nicholas Roerich.

We accompany to this writing some photos in attached file like sample of this humble event that has been celebrated for the first time in Madrid, the capital of Spain.

N. Roerich Museum from Spain
ADA Roerich Association
Directors: Leonardo O. Amaral and Petri M. Abad

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