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From the Resolution of the International Scientific and Public Conference «Helena Roerich 130th birth anniversary»

Creative heritage of Helena Roerich, the outstanding Russian philosopher, scientist and writer, is a unique phenomenon both in Russian and World science and philosophy. The main work of her life — the Teaching of Living Ethics, dedicated to the cosmic evolution of the mankind, and her epistolary writing connected with this Teaching, played the key role in the formation of the new cosmic thinking.

Helena Roerich fairy experiance under the guidence of the Spiritual Teacherws was extremely significant for the evolution. Helena Roerich personally proved that a human being with fairy energetics could exist on Earth.

Facing numerous problems and difficulties, Helena Roerich managed not only to realise completely her enormous creative potential but also fulfil the mission entrusted to her by the Great Spiritual Teachers — to prepare our planet for the new evolutionary stage.

Helena Roerich took part in the creative cosmic evolution of the 20th century on the Earth. She participated in the Central-Asian Expedition (1924-1928), in foundation of the Institute of Himalayan Research Institute Urusvati, in realisation of the project for the protection of the cultural heritage of the mankind (the Roerich Pact and the Banner of Peace). Many cultural institutions in Europe and the USA were founded under her patronage.

Nowadays the byography and creative works of Helena Roerich have not been studied and comprehanded sufficiently. The more profound researches on her achievements will appear in the future. However the last two decades saw the first steps taken in this direction- the works by Helena Roerich have been published as well as new articles and books dedicated to her.

The Conferense attracts the public attention to the great contribution of Helena Roerich into the development of philosophy, sciences, pedagogics based on the new cosmic thinking, as well as to her role in the protection and promotion of cultural values.

The Conference resolved:

1. To create a research center for study the creative work of Helena Roerich by scientist and researchers from Russia and other countries.

2. To protest against the publication of H. Roerich's diaries by publishing houses «Sfera», «Prolog» and the State Museum of Oriental Art. The participants of the Conference consider this publication a betrayal of the will and copyright of Helena Roerich.

3. To protest against the approval by the Higher Attestation Commission of the dissertation by V.A. Rosov, that discredits the biography and creative work of Nicholas Roerich as well as the Central-Asian expedition's goals and objectives.

4. To encourage Roerich organizations to participate more effectively in defence the Roerichs' name and heritage as well as in protection of the International Centre of the Roerichs.

5. To oblige the Inter-regional Information-analytical center (IIA-Center) to publish on the Internet the printed works by Helena Roerich and the materials to protect her name.

6. To appeal to UNESCO with request to create an International Committee for Protection of the Roerichs' heritage. To organise in Russia a group for assistance.