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List of papers

“Metahistorical Sense of the Roerich Pact”
Ludmila Vasilievna Shaposhnikova - First Vice President of the ICR, Director General of the Museum by name of N. Roerich, Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences and the Russian Academy of Cosmonautics named after K.E. Tsiolkovsky Honored Art Worker of Russia (Moscow)

“The Roerichs Heritage Needs International Protection”
Alexander V. Stetsenko – First Deputy Director General of the Museum by name of Nicholas Roerich (Moscow)

“Blue Shield and the Protection of Cultural Property in Case of Natural Disasters”
Karl von Habsburg-Lothringen – President of the Association of National Committees of the Blue Shield (Austria)

“Blue Shield and the Protection of Cultural Property in Case of Armed Conflicts”
Friedrich T. Schipper – General Secretary of the Austrian National Committee of the Blue Shield(Austria)

“Preparing for the Protection of Cultural Property in Case of Armed Conflict and Natural Disaster: Developing New Dimension Standards for Sheltering Moveable Objects”
Holger Eichberger – Member of the Austrian National Committee of the Blue Shied (Austria)

“Protection of Cultural Heritage as a Precondition for the Development of Mankind”
Norbert Furstenhofer – President of the Austrian Society for the Protection of Cultural Heritage (Austria)

“Foundation of the Nicholas Roerich House Museum in Mongolia”
Shagdarien Bira – Academician of the Mongolian Academy of Sciences, President of Mongolian Roerich Society (Mongolia)

“The Legal Framework for the Protection of Cultural Property in Case of Armed Conflict”
Maria Teresa Dutli – Head of the Advisory Service on International Humanitarian Law, International Committee of the Red Cross (Switzerland)

“Protection of Cultural Heritage as One of Key Aspects of Peacemaking”
Leylya Strobl – Director of the Austrian Roerich Society (Austria)

“The Contribution of the Roerichs to the Convergence between East and West”
Alexander Fedotov – Chairman of the Higher Attestation Commission in Bulgaria, Doctor of Philology, Professor (Bulgaria)

“The Banner of Peace of the Roerich’s Realm. The Ideas of the Roerich Pact Initiator concerning the Protection of Cultural Values and Their Significance for the Past, Present and Future”.
Marga Koutsarova – President of the National Roerichs Society (Bulgaria)
Tatiana P. Sergeeva– Doctor of Technical Sciences(Ukraine)

On development of an Agreement - “Vernadsky Pact” on the Protection of the Natural Environment during Armed Conflicts”.
Prof. Pavel V. Florensky –
Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas, Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (Moscow)

“Museums and Monuments of Religious Art. International Standards and Experience”
Galina B. Andreeva – Chief Executive of ICOM of Russia, Member of Presidium of the International Committee for Museums and Collections of Fine Arts (ICFA), ICOM, Doctor of Art (Moscow)

“The Culture and Development of the Cosmic Thinking”
Viktor V. Frolov, Doctor of Philosophy (Moscow)

“The Banner of Peace as a Symbol of the New Epoch’s Self-Consciousness”
Galina G. Panteleeva – scientific associate, The Sevastopol Marine Hydrophysical Institute (Ukraine)

“The Roerich Pact as the Heart’s Culture Doctrine”
Anatoly A. Lebedenko – Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences (Moscow)

“The Idea of Unity of the Cultural Heritage in the Nomads Epics “Gesser” and “Manas”
Valentina A. Voropaeva – Professor of the Kyrgiz and Russian Slavic University (Kyrgyzstan)

“Phenomenon of Culture in the Light of Cosmic Reality Philosophy”
Olga A. Urozhenko – Doctor of Philosophy (Yekaterinburg)

“Culture as the Basis of the New Scientific Cognition”
Mikhail N. Chiryatyev – Vice-President of the International Ligue for Protection of Culture, Adviser of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (Saint-Petersburg)

“Historical Underlying Reason of the Roerich Pact”
Yury A. Shilov – Professor of the Interregional Academy of Human Resources Management (Ukraine)

“St. Petersburg Roots of the Roerich Pact”
Eduard A. Tomsha – Chairman of the Saint-Petersburg Branch of the International Centre of the Roerichs (St. Petersburg)

“The Image of Museum in N.K. Roerich Creative Work of 1910-1920 and the Roerich Pact”
Julia V. Patlan – Senior Researcher, Ukranian Center of the folk culture “Ivan Gonchar Museum” (Ukraine)

“The Roerich Pact as the Source of Russian Doctrine of Legal State”
Petr D. Barenboim – Vice-President of the CIS International Union of Lawyers, Doctor of Law (Moscow)

“The Participation of All-Russian Society for Protection of Monuments of History and Culture (VOOPIK) in Preservation of Cultural Heritage of the peoples of Russian Federation”
Victor A. Livtsov – Deputy Chairman of the VOOPIK, Professor of the Orel State University (Orel)

“The Concept of “the Light Reverence” in the Creative Activity of N.K. Roerich”
Irina Y. Dyachenko – ICR Senior Researcher (Moscow)

“The Symbol of Trinity in the Culture of Central Asia Peoples”
Najiya R. Monasupova – Chairman of the Tashkent Roerichs Society (Uzbekistan)

“The Roerich Pact and the Paradigm of True Culture. Protection of the M.K. Churlenis Creative Heritage in Lithuania”
Stasis Urbonas – Director of the Cultural Centre “Churlenis House”, Chairman of M.K. Churlenis Society (Lithuania)

“Church Mosaics upon the Projects of N.K. Roerich in Ukraine”
Natalia N. Rudyka – Senior Researcher, Ukraine Historical Treasures Museum

“The Problems of Moscow Architectural Heritage Protection in the First Half of the XX Century and Nowadays”
Elena B. Ovsyannikova – Professor of the Moscow Architectural Institute (Moscow)

“Ways of Modern Culture Protection”
Andrey V. Ivanov – Doctor of Philosophy, Professor (Barnaul)

“The Necessity of Implementing of the Roerich Pact Regulations in the Modern Cultural and Educational Space”
Tatiana A. Shutova – Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Arts, Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov (Moscow)

“The Role of Public Institutions in Preservation of Cultural Space”
Olga N. Kalinkina – Chairman of the Perm Regional Branch of the International League for the Protection of Culture (Perm)