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List of Papers

«Living Ethics as Creative Impulse for Cosmic Evolution»
Lyudmila Vasilievna Shaposhnikova – RANS and RACT Academician (Moscow)

«Living Ethics in the System “Cosmic Evolution – Meta-history – Culture”»
Vladislav Georgievich Sokolov - PhD (Ukraine)

«Spiritual Seed as Emanation of Cosmic Creativity»
Oksana Vladimirovna Ouzikova – Employee at the Ukranian branch of the ICR (Ukraine)

«Living Ethics – Evolutionary Impulse of the New Age»
Galina Grigoryevna Panteleeva – researcher at the Sevastopol Marine Hydrophysical Institute (Ukraine)

«Living Ethics as Cosmic Impluse: on the New Interpretation of Old Scientific Tendencies»
Andrey Vladimirovich Ivanov –Doctor of Philosophy, Professor (Barnaul)

«The “Master – Disciple” interconnection as a System of Learning»
Alexander Fedotov – Doctor of Philology, Professor (Bulgaria)

«Heart as Means of Meta-scientific Cognition of Cosmic Reality»
Anatoly Andreevich Lebedenko – Candidate of pedagogical science, PhD (Moscow)

«We should not forget about the Devotees of Cosmic Thinking…»
Valentina Alekseevna Voropaeva – Candidate of historical science, Professor (Kyrgyz Republic)

«Impulse of the Living Ethics in M.K. Churlionis’ Evolutionary Works»
Natalia Balkevichiene – member of M.K.Churlionis Vilnius Society (Lithuania)

«Cosmic Thinking: New Approach to the Philosophy of Russian Silver Age (based on works by L.V. Shaposhnikova)»
Viktor Vasilyevich Frolov – Doctor of philosophy, Professor (Moscow)

«Living Ethics and Noospheric Economy»
Pyotr Georgievich Nikitenko – Academician at the Belarus National Academy of Sciences (Belarus)

«Russia in the Global World: Methods of Analysis from the point of Living Ethics»
Larisa Petrovna Kuksa – Doctor of philosophy, Professor (Novosibirsk)

«Living Ethics on Music as Means of Understanding Cosmic Reality»
Eduard Antonovich Tomsha – Chairman at the St.Petersburg branch of the ICR (St.Petersburg)

«Nicholas Roerich’s Cosmic Worldview and the Art of Music»
Galina Petrovna Ovsyankina – Doctor of art history, Professor (St.Petersburg)

«Universal Mother as Cosmic Creative Force»
Elena Stanislavovna Kulakova – Candidate of art history (Novokuznetsk)

«"Magnets of Beauty" and the Roerichs’ Planetary Artistic Work»
Lidia Valentinovna Yankovskaya – Member of Russian Union of Composers (Yaroslavl)

«Jalal-ad-din Akbar – Prophet and Creator of Cosmic Evolution»
Tatyana Salikhovna Rasulova – PhD, Associate professor (Uzbekistan)

«Concept of Evolution in the Living Ethics and in Works by Cosmist Scientists: Ideological Parallels»
Tatyana Pavlovna Sergeeva – Candidate of technical sciences (Ukraine)

«Artistic Work by Helena and Nicholas Roerich: Cyclic Elicitation of the Cosmic Thought Culture”
Victor Eduardovich Zhigota – Head of ICR Autonomous group for research (Moscow)

«The Problem of understanding Text from the point of Energy-based Worldview»
Tatyana Olegovna Knizhnik – Editor-in-chief at ICR publishing department (Moscow)

«Living Ethics as Creative Impulse for Cosmic Evolution: Noospheric Aspect»
Marina Arkadyevna Shaekhzyanova – Postgraduate student at the Southern Federal University’s Pedagogical Institute (Rostov-on-Don)

«Living Ethics: from Cosmic Thought to Literary Word»
Olga Aleksandrovna Kanischeva – translator (Moscow)

«Self-perfection as a Way of Serving the Evolution»
Lyubov Nikolaevna Osipova – Candidate of pedagogical sciences, Associate professor (Kazan)

«Heroism as Response to the Evolutionary Calling in the Living Ethics Philosophy»
Bogdana Yuryevna Sokolova – Postgraduate student at Kharkov Academy of Culture (Ukraine)

«Metaphors in Living Ethics as a Form of expressing philosophical Ideal of Cosmic Evolution»
Olga Aleksandrovna Lavrenova – Doctor of philosophy (Moscow)

«Structural and Symbolic Integrity of Nicholas Roerich’s Poetry Collection «Flowers of Moria» and the Living Ethics Books “Leaves of Moria’s Garden” »
Yulia Valeryevna Patlan’ – Head of the archive department at the National Centre of Folk Culture “Ivan Gonchar Museum” (Ukraine)

«Psychophysiological Studies of Creative Thinking and Living Ethics»
Maria Grigoryevna Starchenko – Candidate of psychological sciences (St.Petersburg)

«Living Ethics in Human’s Life: Dedication to P.F.Belikov’s 100th Birth Anniversary»
Kira Alekseevna Molchanova – Chairman of Estonian Roerich Society (Estonia)

«Cooperation as Driving Force of Evolution» Olga Nikolaevna Kalinkina – Chairman of Perm Regional Department of International League for Culture Protection (Perm)

«Children of New Consciousness – Messengers of Cosmic Evolution»
Anastasia Sergeevna Razvodovskaya – ICR Researcher (Moscow)

«Consonance of Living Ethics Pedagogical Ideas and K.N.Ventsel’s Cosmic Pedagogy»
Lyalya Anatolyevna Semikina – Postgraduate student at the APS Institute of Psychology named after G.S. Kostyukh (Ukraine)

«New Cosmic Thinking and Education: Children are ready – what about us?..»
Larisa Ivanovna Uvarova – Chief specialist at St.Petersburg Academy of Postgraduate Studies(St.Petersburg) «Bringing Children of Light down to Earth: Classical Pedagogical Experience and Living Ethics»
Victoria Fyodorovna Bakh – Biology teacher of the highest rank (Ukraine)

«Spiritual Knowledge – Source of Future Science»
Mikhail Nikolaevich Chiryatyev – Vice-President of International League for Culture Protection (St.Petersburg)

«Science and Metascience on Mutual Influence of Cosmos and Human»
Vladimir Ilyich Sidorov – Candidate of physical and mathematical sciences (Moscow)

«Rebirth of the Urusvati Institute as Necessary Ground for Forming New Science»
Dmitry Yuryevich Revyakin – ICR employee (Moscow)