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Extracts from the resolution of the International Scientific Public Conference «Living Ethics as Creative Impulse for Cosmic Evolution»

The Conference resolves:

1. Continuing the theme of «Living Ethics as Creative Impulse for Cosmic Evolution» to suggest the following fields for studying the Philosophy of Cosmic Reality:

  • - Cosmic laws: «The Superior in Evolution leads the Inferior», «The Law of Hierarchy», «The Law of Preceptorship», «The Law of Energy and Information Exchange» and others;
  • - New system of cognition and its peculiarities;
  • - Heart and Intellect as the means of cognition: the ways to form a harmonious unity;
  • - Evolutionary role of Culture in human life and society.

2. Developing the above-mentioned topics to establish cooperation between the ICR and universities and research organizations.

3. The ICR should organize monitoring of works on subjects which are in tune with the Living Ethics and offer assistance in their publication.

4. The ICR should introduce on its website a section to present published works and philosophical discoveries by Ms Lyudmila V. Shaposhnikova.

5. To strengthen scientific component of the ICR moving exhibitions».


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