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Николай Константинович РерихЕлена Ивановна РерихЮрий Николаевич РерихСвятослав Николаевич Рерих
Nicholas Roerich Helena Roerich George Roerich Svetoslav Roerich

The Roerichs. Their names are inscribed in golden letters in the annals of the world and Russian culture. Nicholas Roerich, Helena Roerich, their sons – Yuri and Svetoslav.

Each of them left a unique trace within the cultural space of the planet. The extraordinary harmony of this great family, in which each member was irreplaceable, unique and highly talented, represents both its spiritual and creative unity, which strikes and arouses our admiration.

In the short biographies presented on the site, we can find only the outlines of their life. An impetuous, fearless and heroic life, spent on an unchangeable devotion to the ideals of the Common Benefit, filled with dedicated labor in the name of the spiritual and cultural evolution of mankind.

The Roerichs’ public and cultural activities have a planetary scale.

An attempt to evaluate their life and creative path using conventional means signifies a failure to understand the main essence of what was done by these outstanding representatives of Culture.

Their thoughts, deeds and aspirations were far ahead of their contemporaries’ consciousness. In the course of time, mankind more and more is coming to realize the significance of the unprecedented creative Deed of this family.

The Roerichs’ Power, the Power of Beauty and Knowledge, will for a long time remain that moral peak towards which people will be striving in search of the eternal Truth.