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Celebration of the 75th Anniversary of the Banner of Peace and the Roerich Pact

In 2010 many people all over the world will celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the Banner of Peace and the Roerich Pact.

In Mexico thanks to the efforts of many collaborators and first of all the General coordinator of the International Committee of the Banner of Peace madam Pilar Gallego, the festive events have already started. Her enthusiasm made it possible to realize the idea of a memorial exhibition.

On the 21st January wonderful Mexican Cultural Center of Toluka city hosted the inauguration of the photo exhibition, dedicated to the history of the Roerich Pact, different cultures, where the symbol of the Banner of Peace existed and also those places on the Earth where this symbol was represented. The exhibition also includes reproductions of the paintings by the initiator of the Banner, famous artist who created more than 7000 canvases, writer, philosopher, traveler, patron of the arts and humanities, nominee for the Nobel Prize Nicholas Roerich.

This very interesting exhibition from the collection of the International Centre of the Roerichs in Moscow was supplemented with 15 photographs of the Banner of Peace from Mexico.

The respected Director of the Museum by name of N. Roerich of the ICR madam Ludmila Shaposhnikova had the kindness to assent to show this exhibition in the following cities of Mexico: Toluka, Morelia, Queritaro, Bernal, Ezequiel Montes y Saltillo.

The exhibition inauguration, which took place in the central library of the city of Toluka was attended by honorable representatives of the city, as well as 5 Directors of State art museums of Mexico and coordinators of international public committees.

We would like to express our deep appreciation to the Director General of the Mexican Cultural Center Mr. Agustin Gasca Pliego, who cordially welcomed the guests of the exhibition and expressed his personal interest in its content. Inspired by the idea of the Banner of Peace, which symbolises the cultural unity of the humankind, he offered to create the monument dedicated to the Banner in the city of Toluka.

The President of the International Committee of the Banner of Peace Madam Alicia Rodriguez organized and held an excursion for the honored guests of the exhibition. She told about the Banner of Peace, the unique Banner which unites all cultures, regardless of race, political affiliation and religion and symbolises unity in diversity.

The guests of the exhibition highly evaluated its organization and after returning to Mexico City Madam Rodriguez received several appreciating letters. Abstracts from those letters you can see below:

"Alicia, at this exhibition I was overwhelmed with very high emotion!» professor Pilar Gallego.

"After visiting this exhibition I spent all day in meditation and thoughts of peace and joy which emitted from the depth of my heart. The joy that I had the chance to visit this wonderful fest», professor Ligia Ortiz.

Indeed, this exhibition held to celebrate the 75 th Anniversary of the Roerich Pact and Banner of Peace leads us to the wonderful world of harmony, brotherhood and high emotions.

"Where there is Peace — there is Culture, where there is Culture — there is Peace» (Nicholas Roerich)

Doctor Alicia Rodriguez

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