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The Art of Calligraphy by Artist Harish Verma at IRMT

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An exhibition of paintings by renowned calligrapher Harish Verma from Jalandhar (Punjab) was held at the Exhibition Hall of the International Roerich Memorial Trust. The exhibition was inaugurated on June 11, 2023. Artist Bhupinder Dhutti cut the traditional red ribbon, the Russian IRMT Curator Larisa Surgina (ICR, Moscow) and the Indian IRMT Curator Suresh Kumar welcomed all the guests. Amarjeet Anand, accountant of the IRMT, Dmitry Surgin, the Russian Curator assistant (ICR, Moscow), tourists and local residents, staff of the Roerich Trust were also present at the opening.

Harish Verma is widely known for his achievements in the arts and has won several prestigious awards. His main passion is calligraphy, the ancient art of writing for which India is famous. Like other celebrated Indian calligraphers of the past, Harish Verma also works with different materials, using brushes, pens, cardboard, wood and fabrics to create his artworks. In his art he has turned to Punjabi and Devanagari (Hindi) scripts, English and Arabic. The variety of his art extends from individual inscriptions and calligraphic patterns to symbolic pictorial images based on the elements of calligraphy.

The harmonious world of lines and images presented at the exhibition of the artist Harish Verma was a revelation to visitors, many of whom had no idea how beautiful and bewitching the wonderful art of calligraphy can be.

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