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11.06.91 FP-215/12

To the USSR Minister of Culture
Comrade N.N. Gubenko

No 708-04-2/10-45 dated 09.04.91

(in addition to No 354 dated 19.11.90)

19 November 1990, we addressed you with the request for assistance in handover to the Soviet Fund of the Roerichs of the exhibition of 288 paintings (125 by N.K. Roerich and 163 by S.N. Roerich) earlier registered by the Reserve Bank of India in the name of the USSR Ministry of Culture. The registration deadline was in June, 1990.

S.N. Roerich re-registered the exhibition in the name of the Soviet Fund of the Roerichs extending its duration until June, 1991. The relevant documents were sent to you at the date of 19.11.90.

The Ministry’s response on the subject matter of that letter has never been received by the Soviet Fund of the Roerichs.

The letter No 708-04-2/10-45 dated 09.04.91 signed by the Head of the Department of Fine Arts, Exhibitions and Museums, Comrade G.N. Popov, is only a transmittal document to the response of the Museum which is not the disposer of the paintings.

We earnestly ask you to reconsider the issue stated in the letter dated 10.11.91 and to resolve it positively, even the more so, 30.06.91 is the date when the duration of exhibition set by the Reserve Bank of India expires.

We are convinced that the issue can be resolved without recourse to court and it would be highly undesirable and unpleasant to carry its resolution to the bodies of the State Arbitration.

Chairman of the Board                                                  V.Y. Lakshin/

[signature] (In hand writhing) Shaposhnikova