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Since April 28, 2017, the Non-Governmental Museum Named after Nicholas Roerich went defunct with the illegal seizure of its building and territory.

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The International scientific and public conference “Problems of Russian Cosmism” continues in the ICR


The morning session of the second day of the conference was held under the chairmanship of V.G. Sokolov and included the following reports: “Russian Cosmism and the Teaching of H. Blavatsky" by Yulia A. Shabanova, Doctor of Philosophy (Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine); "Cosmism of F. Tyutchev's poetry and the philosophy of the Living Ethics: concordant motives” by Bogdana Y. Sokolova, Candidate of Cultural Studies (Kharkov, Ukraine); «Banner of Peace is a symbol of the Cosmic evolution», by Anatoly A. Lebedenko, Candidate of Education, Candidate of Philosophy (Moscow); «Role of magnetism in the evolution of human consciousness», Helena M. Egorova – Doctor of Chemistry (Moscow); «Cultural heritage of the Orient is a source of cosmisation in the modern Occidental science.

On the basis of scientific conception of Mahayana and Tantric Buddhism (System of Kalacakra)» by Marga P. Kutsarova, Graduate, St. Clement Ohridski University of Sophia (Bulgaria); «Methods of meta-scientific cognition in Russian Cosmism» by Olga N. Kalinkina, Graduate of the Perm State National Research University (Perm); «Ideas of Cosmism and the Roerich Pact» by Irina Y. Dyachenko, Candidate of Culturology (Moscow); «Cosmism of K.N. Wentzel» by Lyalya A.Semikina, psychologist of the Uriel Sevastopol City Center of Children’s Art named after Nicholas Roerich (Ukraine); «Difficulties of understanding of V.I. Vernadsky scientific ideas in the context of the secondary school program and ways of their surmounting» by Victoria F. Buck, Teacher of Biology (Ukraine, Artemovsk).


The evening session started with the reading of the greetings from Tatarstan Republic addressed to the participants of the conference. The message of F.X. Muhametshin, Chair of the Tatarstan Republic State Council and Chair of the Tatarstan Peoples Assembly Council, says: “The modern epoch with its numerous dramatic challenges clearly demonstrates fragility of our existence, environment and the whole planet. That is why the problems of the preservation of our civilization, search for new ethical guidelines, overcoming of the cultural crisis, are becoming more topical for our contemporaries. In this connection the ideas of Russian cosmism are quite in consonant to our time. Realization of the overall interconnections and recognition of a human being as part of the integral system of the world give us a chance to get over the global problems of our epoch... Nowadays we completely understand the truth of one of the main ideas by Nicholas Roerich connected with the recognition of the priority of culture in the development of the mankind”.

In his letter addressed to Ms L.V. Shaposhnikova, Director General of the Museum named after Nicholas Roerich, Mr A.M. Sibagatullin, Minister of culture of Tatarstan Republic, emphasized: “Each year on October 9, the day of the Master's birthday, scientists, public and state figures gather in the Museum named after Nicholas Roerich under the Banner of Peace – the symbol of protection of culture and cosmic thinking. At the time being we need this thinking for the further progress of the mankind...”

Paintings by N. Roerich as well as the “Living Ethics” - the philosophy of cosmic reality which was given through the Roerichs by the Spiritual Masters of the East, speak about meta-science – the unity of visible and invisible, the unity of human beings and Cosmos and their connection with Eternity. The Banner of Peace is the symbol on the evolutionary way of the mankind.


After that the following reports were read:

Ideas of the Living Ethics in the cultural heritage of B.N. Abramov» by Olga A. Urozhenko, Candidate of Philosophy (Yekaterinburg); «Legends of the Issyk Kul Lake as the object of cosmic mentality» by Valentina A. Voropaeva, Candidate of History and Vasily V. Ploskih, Candidate of History (Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan); «Aesthetic ideas in the philosophical project of Nicholas Fedorov» by Irina B. Mikheeva, Candidate of Philosophy (Minsk, Belarus); «Spiritual and practical learning of the reality as a prerequisite of forming of the anthropocosmism ideas» by Anatoly A. Osipov, Doctor of Philosophy (Nikolayev, Ukraine); «Cosmism in music of A.N. Scriabin» by Oksana V. Uzikova, Graduate of the Kiev National University of Culture and Art (Ukraine); «Theme of transfiguration in the philosophy of Russian Cosmism» by Tatyana S. Rasulova, Candidate of Philosophy (Uzbekistan, Tashkent); «Parallels in creativity of the Roerichs and V.I. Vernadsky» by Mikhail N. Chiryatev, Vice-President of the International League for the Protection of Culture (St.Petersburg); «Understanding of the cosmic symbols of pisanka in terms of the Living Ethics philosophy» by Irina P. Kozhushnaya, Head of the Applied and Decorative Arts Study group of the Polytechnic Lyceum NTUU «KPI» (Kiev, Ukraine); «Radiance of rainbow heaven». Spiritual lyrics of G.R. Derzhavin.» by Venera A. Lasko, Honorary Worker of Public Education (Yasnaya Polyana, Tula Region).

The second day of the conference was finished with screening the documentary “The Call of Cosmic Evolution” by L. Shaposhnikova.

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