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Since April 28, 2017, the Non-Governmental Museum Named after Nicholas Roerich went defunct with the illegal seizure of its building and territory.

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“In flowers the Heaven settles down upon Earth”. Spiritual Teacher Day Celebration in the Roerichs Estate


Spring planting flowers at that Holiday dedicated to the Spiritual Teachers of the Humanity has become a good tradition in International Memorial Roerich Trust.

At that particular day, on March 24, 1920 Helena Roerich met Great Spiritual Teacher of East and the work on philosophical Living Ethics (Agni Yoga) texts started. It is a system of meta scientific knowledge about Universe and its laws, about Cosmic evolution of the mankind and a place of a human in this evolution. Helena Roerich wrote down and systemized the Teaching texts and Nicholas Roerich realized the Living Ethics ideas in his paintings.

Since 1921 the Roerichs, their co-workers and all the admirers of creativity of this great family have celebrated this special day, and the celebration, as Helena Roerich wrote, includes “intense work and expressly solemn attitude of mind.”

Following the commandment, the Russian – Indian team of IRMT dedicated this day March 24 to beautifying of the Roerich Estate – spring cleaning of the territory and flowers planting. Bright primulas and sunny calendulas, small multicolored cloves and fancy verbenas put a special note of solemnity and beauty to the atmosphere of the Memorial Estate.

In the Teachings of the East it is said that flowers not only make our life beautiful – they are collectors and carriers of subtle energies. Plants influence a subtle body of a human through Agni element. Scientists got acknowledged about subtle emissions of plants already at the beginning of 20th century. D. Bose, Indian physics and biologist made some significant findings in the field of plants physiology and proved that plants have rich emotional life. And the method developed by Russian family S.D. and V.H. Kirlian gives the opportunity to fix amazing aura (subtle emissions) of flowers in photos.

“In flowers the Heaven settles down upon Earth,” the Teachers of Humanity say. Flowers – their beauty, aroma, tone – they are nutrition for a spirit, they influence a human making their feelings refined.

“It is not quite correct to say that beauty will save the world. It is more accurate to say that the realization of beauty will save the world,” the Living Ethics says. “One can walk through obstacles of ugliness toward a beacon of beauty, scattering seeds without number.”

May the beauty of flowers and common work lead us on the way of Light to the realization of Beauty.

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