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Since April 28, 2017, the Non-Governmental Museum Named after Nicholas Roerich went defunct with the illegal seizure of its building and territory.

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“Reminiscence 24” in the Roerich Estate. A Tribute to 150th Anniversary of Nicholas Roerich

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The Art exhibition 'Reminiscence 24' of academic and creative works of students pursuing studies in the Department of Visual Arts, Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla, under the guidance of Prof. Him Chatterjee, Chairman,  opened on March 22 at Exhibition Hall of the International Roerich Memorial Trust.

In an address by Prof. Sat Parkash Bansal, Vice-Chancellor, Himachal Pradesh University, published in the Exhibition Catalog, it states: “We are celebrating the 150th Anniversary of the birth of outstanding Russian artist, thinker Nicholas Roerich (1874-1947). On this occasion the Department of Visual Arts and International Memorial Roerich Trust is organizing the Annual Art Exhibition. I’m hoping that this exhibition will enable us to forge close ties between aspiring artists and art lovers. I hope this exhibition is a huge success”.

The exhibition was inaugurated by Suresh Kumar, IRMT Indian Сurator, and Larisa Surgina, IRMT Russian Сurator. The lighting ceremony was attended by guests of the festival and emerging artists. Twenty-two young authors presented their works in the exhibition, although only 13 of them were able to come to Kullu.

The young men and ladies showed their works and works of friends to the guests, shared their ideas and plans. They told that it is very important to put positive thoughts and optimistic attitude to life into their art, to strive for beauty and to embody beauty in their works. Many of them are inspired by the work of Nicholas Roerich. However, it is not surprising, because their Teacher is the famous artist Him Chatterjee, who has presented his art at the IRMT many times. I would like to quote his words spoken in 2014: “The more I study Nicholas Roerich the more I bow before his art; the more I watch his paintings the more I perfect myself on the way of the spirit evolution”.

Russian Сurator Larisa Surgina donated a calendar published by the Russian Embassy in India and the Russian House, dedicated to the jubilee year of the Roerich family, to Prof. Him Chatterjee and the Fine Arts Department he heads. It is symbolic that on the same day the exhibition of the International Center of the Roerichs "Master's Universe", dedicated to the 150th anniversary of Nicholas Roerich, opened in the Russian House in the capital of India.

Prof. Him Chatterjee believes that visual art is one of the most expressive and articulate ways to communicate human experiences and knowledge. It is a method of using art to communicate while learning the magnificent, all-encompassing language of the human soul. “Since they first joined the department, I’ve witnessed the students’ growth,” notes Prof. Chatterjee. “Under the direction of our gifted faculty, they put in a lot of effort and created their own distinct style. I am sure this exhibition will encourage them”.

The Russian-Indian team of IRMT heartily wishes the students and their teachers further success in their creativity, on the path of self-improvement and search for the Beautiful.

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