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From the Resolution of the International Scientific and Public Conference “80th Anniversary of N.K. Roerich’s Central Asian Expedition (1924-28)”

9-11 October, 2008

The N.K. Roerich’s Central Asian Expedition took a special and incomparable place among the expeditions and travellings of XIX-XX centuries. Its route lay along Sikkim, India, China, Moscow, Siberia, Altai, Mongolia and Tibet. The expedition plays a great evolutionary role; along the route of the Expedition significant investigations and actions were undertaken connected with the cosmic evolution of the mankind. During the expedition unique material was gathered and wonderful paintings were created by Nichols Roerich. N.K. Roerich and G.N. Roerich published their diaries which are of scientific value nowadays.

Great evolutionary importance of the N.K. Roerich’s Central Asian Expedition and its high scientific quality was marked in reports. Geographical and historical researches which had been conducted during the expedition were unique and brought new discoveries. Most of the reporters considered the problems of the expedition from the point of view of methodology and Living Ethics system of knowledge.

At the same time it was mentioned in the reports that nowadays there are more and more cases of slander which disgrace N.K. Roerich’s activity and pervert the aims of expedition as well as the Living Ethics Teaching (these are dissertations written by V.A. Rosov, N.E. Samokhina (Moscow), I.V. Otroshchenko (Kiev). As opposed to last years these scientific works were accepted as Doctor Dissertations that testifies about the lowering of the demands to the dissertation protected and the lack of scientific preparation to those who conducts such protections. Besides that, considerable part of the documents and archive materials concerning N.K. Roerich’s Central Asia Expedition are illegally held at the G.N. Roerich’s former flat by a certain Vasilchik who has been bargaining them away. It should be mentioned that the Central Asian Expedition has not still recognized by official geographical science and is little known in scientific fields, there are no relevant articles in the encyclopedias. All these facts make the Conference set up serious scientific problems for consideration.

The Conference resolves:

1. The International Centre of the Roerichs and scientific organizations cooperated with it is to put into scientific circles the Central Asian Expedition as one of the most important expeditions of XX century that has great scientific and practical value and is connected with new cosmic thinking.

2. To solicit the Moscow Centre of Russian Geographical Society for acknowledgment in documents and materials of the Society the fact that N.K. Roerich’s Central Asian Expedition was one of the largest and most complex geographic expedition.

3. To solicit the Highest Certifying Commission of the Russian Federation to cancel its approval of V.A.Rosov desertation about N.K. Roerich’s Central Asian Expedition.

4. To ask the “Modern and the Contemporary History” Journal of the Russian Academy of Sciences of the Russian Federation to cancel the decision of the editorial board not to publish the materials concerning N.K. Roerich and to publish those articles which were canceled.

5. To make all measures to withdraw important documents and antiquities concerning the Central Asian Expedition that have being held away by Vasilchik; scientific community and Roerich Organizations are to take an active part in this process.

6. The Centre of the Humane Pedagogy is to send suggestions to the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation and the Russian Academy of Education concerning including the data about the N.K.Roerich’s Central Asian Expedition to the educational programmes of High and school education.

7. Interregional Informational Analytical Centre is to fill the Internet space (electronic libraries, encyclopedias) with the objective and true information about the N.K.Roerich’s Central Asian Expedition.

8. Further investigation of the problems concerning the N.K.Roerich’s Central Asian Expedition is to be considered one of the most important aspects of studies of the creative heritage of the Roerichs.